Fish Jello and cheap to make also

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Fish Jello and cheap to make also

Post  minnesotascott on Sun Jan 02, 2011 8:08 pm

2 boxes of un-flavored jello
Enough hot water for 1 box of said jello
1/2 pound of fine ground fish( NO GUTS!)

Combine the hot water and the 2 boxes of jello, mix very well
Add the fine ground fish(NO GUTS)
To add a little more kick you can use the critter p of your liking. I have used mink, skunk. If you add skunk do not add alot just a few drops will do.

After all is mixed together well put in a fridge of a cooler that has ice in it.
I use any small stick close at hand to add this to my sets. or a very cheap baby sthingy. This has worked well for me on the mink and weasel.


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